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The original paintings in this online gallery are signed by the artist Ioan Popei himself.  For your viewing convenience, these paintings are presented in categories and the choice is yours to make:  abstract, landscape, floral, nude, marine, and religious.  These paintings have characteristically bold colors in a combination of short and long brush strokes and rich textured impasto painting.  Popei’s color palette evokes depth and emotion that can be felt and enjoyed by people viewing his works of art.  It is the charm of Popei’s works that has endeared him to art lovers in his home country, as well as in other parts of the world.      

Popei’s landscapes will transport you into a whole new world:  to the romantic canals of Venice, the rustic cobblestoned walkways of Greece, or the dewy tree-covered forest.  His abstractions of the changing seasons can also bring a burst of summer sun to your home despite the cold and dreary winter weather outside.  Whatever effect you want your artwork to have in your home, you can surely find an original painting in this gallery to fit your needs.